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This is a list of self-authored composer profiles. Many of them describe people who are or have been active on the forum. Creating a profile can be a good way to showcase yourself and/or your work. Alternatively, it can just be a little bit of fun! Please note: if you create an overtly commercial profile and you have contributed little or nothing else to the site, it is likely to be deleted.

What should a profile look like?

It is required that you add {{thisisaprofile|lastname=YourLastName}} to the top of your page. This will include your profile into this category and list it alphabetically by the name you put after "lastname=". Aside from this minor requirement, there are no hard-and-fast rules, though the following points generally apply:

  1. Write in the third person (i.e. use "he" instead of "I", "his" instead of "my").
  2. Adhere to Wiki Guidelines and divide content into easily-digestible sections. Formatting examples can be found in this sample profile.
  3. Enter your full name (no usernames) and birth date (i.e., do not say "John113 is 26 years old... ").
  4. Try to include a fair amount of biographical information and information about your compositions and/or aspirations. If you have too little content about yourself, your profile may become labeled as a profile stub!

How can I create a profile?

  • Enter your first and last name directly after Profile: in the box at the right (e.g. Profile:John Smith), and click Submit. You'll then be taken to a page that you can use to start creating your page content. It's that simple.

<inputbox> type=create Default=Profile: buttonlabel=Submit bgcolor=#F7DBBC preload=Template:Standard content for new page </inputbox>

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