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Richard McDonald is a 22 year old Composer from the United Kingdom (UK). He studied Composition and Analysis at Exeter University with Joe Duddel and Tim Jones. He completed his undergraduate study by composing a series of 5 compositions, the biggest being a four movement piece for large ensemble. All these compositions were recorded and performed throughout the last year of study. Richard then applied to study for a Masters in Composition at Royal Holloway University of London, and was accepted in September 2005. He is currently working on a piece for Piano and Orchestra and a smaller ensemble piece.

Musical Styles and Interests

His compositional style crosses a wide range, from tonal to modal, and a-tonal. He writes for full orchestra to smaller ensembles. He composes mainly instrumental music for the concert hall and for film. He also composes experimental electronic music mixing live performances with electronic tracks.

His musical influences also cross a wide range. He enjoys music from the late 19th Century to present day which includes Instrumental, Film, Electronic, Pop and Computer Game Music. He has written music in all these fields and is greatly influence by many styles and artists. He has built up a large repertoire of recordings to show his wide range of musical abilities.


- North Africa Project (orchestra & audio track)

- Three Movements for Violin Duet

- Tomb Raider (Computer Game Remix for Orchestra)

- All Inclusive (for Solo Clarinet)

- Sonata No. 1 for Piano

- Lament for Viola, Cello & Double Bass

- Three Movements for Wind and Brass Octet

- Three Movements for Trumpet & Piano

- The Dragon (for String & Wind Quartet)

- Dreamscapes (Six short movements for Piano)

- Childhood Memories (for Violin & Piano)

Other Works

- Sheep Dreams (Electronic Music)

- Statement of this Kind (Electronic Music)

- Super Happy Clappy Alien Sunshine Dance (Live and Electronic Music)

- True Nature (Electronic Music)

- Far From Reality (Pop Music)

Early Works (Some not recorded)

- Gandalf's Theme (for Orchestra)

- Four Movements for Orchestra

- Dance of the Swans (for Mixed Quartet)

- Le Chagrin (for Violin & Piano)

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