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The YC Wiki is being rebuilt! Former tutorials/masterclasses from the forum and new articles to augment current information will be added. If you would like to help with this endeavor by writing articles, participating in cleanup, or writing masterclasses, please contact bob stole my cookie.

Current lead editors:

The Young Composers Wiki is a place where composers and musicians have come together to create a collaborative resource from which our users can learn. A list of major categories is provided below for browsing while the Search feature in the left-hand Navigation bar may be used if you aren't sure where to find something. The wiki is an ongoing project and if ever you run across a topic that doesn't have a page on it, feel free to create one and add what you know! Other members will contribute their knowledge and the Editors will make sure everything is laid out properly. This is what makes the wiki such a valuable function of Young Composers.

Current Major Projects

Major projects are listed below:

Masterclass Migration:

Guidelines for editing

Unique content is preferred. Content that's not unique will be given tab at the top noting that the article has been plagiarized and should be rewritten. You can also find a set of guidelines laid down by the site staff which you should follow, to encourage organic unity and limit confusion . These are laid out here.

Within theese bounds, please, be creative in terms of how you approach creating and editing wiki pages. If you have any doubts or questions, the editors are here to help, so don't hesitate to send them a message if you have any wiki related questions!

Categories of Pages

  • Music Articles - This category contains essays, treatises, tutorials, etc. on music or composition written by members of Young Composers - they may contain some subjectivity and are not strictly bound to the site wide style rules.

  • Musical Forms - This category lists all articles pertaining to musical forms such as sonata, concerto, and rondo form, as well as others, such as the minuet and scherzo.

  • Music Theory - This category contains all articles and formal lessons on the topic of music theory.

  • User Profiles - This is a list of self-authored composer profiles. Many of them describe people who are or have been active on the forum.

  • Composers - This is a list of articles on composers written or compiled by members of Young Composers. These articles aim to focus on composers' music, thus the biographical information is kept at a minimum.

  • Composition Analyses - This category contains a list of individual compositions by various composers for which analyses have been written by and for the members of Young Composers.

  • Instruments - This category holds all articles pertaining to musical instruments and orchestration. Articles in this section discuss instrument ranges, timbres, transposition, playing capabilities, and doubling possibilities.

  • Music Dictionary - This is a concise list of words, phrases and their meanings as often encountered in music.

  • Help - This is a list of pages that are helpful when composing an article for the Young Composers Wiki. These articles are protected so that only staff can edit them, and the information is up to date. Thus the rules and guidelines found in these articles are current and it is by these guidelines that we will assess articles in the database.