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Paul Frederick West

Born: November 1, 1970 Miami, Florida USA

Paul West is a composer from the United States who writes primarily in a high baroque medium, blending the polyphonic techniques and phrasings of the Venetian school with North German counterpoint. He has written several trios for violin and recorder, a flute concerto, a miniature violin concerto, and an oboe concerto. Mr. West is a devout born-again Christian who has arranged several hymns in the baroque fashion as well, the most notable being a setting on Isaac Watt's "The Lord Jehovah Reigns" and Charles Wesley's "Come, Holy Ghost, Our Hearts Inspire", both for flute and keyboard.

Music, to Mr. West, is for the stimulation of the mind, the satisfying of the intellect, and for the lifting of the soul in exaltation of God. His technique and style has been cultivated by years of listening to the works of J.S. Bach and Antonio Vivaldi. When he sits down to write a piece of music, the result is an invariable synthesis of the two schools - a "Vivachian" blend with a curious texture of his own originality thrown in. Many of his works can be heard on his YouTube channel where he incorporates his music in a video with an image or painting. [1]

Paul West is also a moderator on what is generally regarded to be the greatest Christian sermon archive/forum available on the Internet: He lives and ministers in Central Texas with his wife Marissa. Mr. West is a mortician by profession.