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An experienced, and well known composer and musician in the Las Vegas area, Thomas Gaff has built a reputation as being one of the foremost large orchestra and film composers in the state. Having composed numerous concert orchestral pieces, as well as the original score for two large theatrical adaptations for the Las Vegas HS Theater, his works have been performed by the likes of the Las Vegas HS Fine Arts Department, Las Vegas Youth Orchestra Philharmonic, Las Vegas Chamber Symphony, Northern Arizona University MC Orchestras, and the Henderson Civic Symphony. In 2002, he was commissioned to write the inauguration piece for the opening ceremony of Harney Middle School, and has worked as an accompanist, and recording engineer for many performers and groups throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

He has also demonstrated his skills as an accomplished Pianist and Cellist, playing with such groups as the Las Vegas Youth Philharmonic, NAU Music Camp Philharmonic, Clark County Solo & Ensemble, and the Henderson Civic Symphony, as well as accompanying for many schools, and individuals in the state.