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Christian Miller is a 15 yea old part-time jazz musician living in Winston-Salem, NC. He is originally from Kinston, NC in which that is where his Grandmother lives. Christian plays the saxophone(s). He plays the saxophone because soon, he plans to follow in his uncle's footsteps to becoming a nationwide famous jazz musician and artist. So far, Christian has had four gigs, two in which he was requested to go to the same place to perform. He plans on making a few CDs before he moves out of Winston-Salem to enrol in the Julliard School of Music (College) in New York. This will leave great opportunity for him in the years to come. His plans in the short-term/ long-term future is to do business with some famous artists such as Mike Phillips, Tyr Tribbett, Kierra "KiKi" Sheard, and many others. In order for this to occur, he must stay focused on the task at hand when it comes to hard work, perseverance, etc. Christian Hopes that someday, he will have a chance to teach his uncle a thing or two on the sax in the ladder yers to come. Christian's nickname is "Jazzy." He got this nickname from his older brother who told him that he was very talented in harmonizing with the music that they played (his older brothers play the organ and the drums at the church that he attends and plays every Sunday. He plans to keep this name throughout the rest of his life because he believes that it best suits his description in musical personality.