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Nathan Chamberland

YC Profile: Nathan Chamberland

Nathan Chamberland is an award-winning composer and home-made songwriter. He has been into music for as long as he can remember. Though at times one can catch Nathan performing live with a band, he prefers to write and record privately in his studio, and rarely performs his own material live as it is intended for post productions. Nathan writes music for other artists and productions, and is currently breaking into the motion picture scene as a score writer.

Nathan is also an artist manager and a booking agent for other talent. He is currently collaborating with such artists as Andrea Gal (her manager, agent and producer), and Shawnee Talbot (her songwriter, producer and band-mate). Nathan is an agent in his own company, Sonic Myst Entertainment and is also an engineer/producer in his studio, Sonic Myst Labs.

Though Nathan will agree to being called a musician, the reverse is true when being called a singer. "My ideal picture is 'my music, someone else's voice.'" In that regard, most of his music is for sale or donation. When asked what his ultimate goal is, his response is a simple one, "To pay the bills with my ideas."

For more information and to listen to some of Nathan's works, please visit:

Nathan Chamberland, Composer

All of these works were composed, performed, engineered, produced and mastered by Nathan Chamberland in his recording studio, "Sonic Myst Labs".