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Janno was born in Tartu, Estonia in February the 14th, 1985. His father, a pop singer and guitarist, was the first person to teach him musicality and to encourage him to write music. Janno first felt a magnetic pull towards the piano at the age of 6 and from then on made attempts to compose music based on the little classical music he had heard on the radio. Janno started seriously practising the piano at the age of 12 in a church nearby his home. At the age of 13 the finally entered a conservatory and then started studying with an experienced teacher. He often missed classes in basic school just so that he could practise the piano. At the age of 18 Janno quit playing the piano in favour of life experiences and gradually got drawn back to it at the age of 20, since when he has practised the piano intensively. At the age of 21 Janno started studying composition in Eastbourne, England. Since then he has composed an array of piano music and a few pieces for a variety of instrumental ensembles.

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