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Felipe Ortiz was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. He is 20 years old. He started studying drums at the age of 9. He learned drums until he was 12, then he wanted to play a harmonic instrument so he started playing the guitar. Some unknown teachers helped him with modern harmony and compositon. Felipe got interested in serious music two years ago. He is now studying at the University School of Music in Montevideo. Learning composition, orchestration, harmony, piano and others.

List of some works

  • "Coraleando" Piece for six voices
  • "Four hand Piano in six movements" Piece for piano
  • "Mistic components" Piano and voice
  • "Percussion #2" Solo set
  • "Percussion #3" Solo set
  • "Oboe duet"
  • "Percussion #5" For two players
  • "Guitar duet"
  • "Baroq pieces" Piano
  • "Little thing" For guitarr