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Shay MacKay (born 1975) has been playing keyboards and piano for 25 years now, with 14 years of piano training. She also spent 15 years playing electric keyboards, piano and organ as an accompanist for weddings, memorial services and choral performances. She has a Bachelors degree in Psychology, as well as a partially finished Bachelors degree in Music Composition. Along with piano, she has had 11 years of training on the French Horn and 8 years of choral training.

Shay’s musical influences are varied and wide-spread, from Aaron Copland, Mozart and Rachmaninoff to Enya, Hans Zimmer and Sigur Ros. Her music most resembles that of her piano-playing influences - George Winston, Jim Brickman, Yanni, and David Lanz.

Her compositions don’t really fit into an established genre, so she calls them new-agey contemporary instrumentals. Shay writes primarily for the piano, with some accompanying instrumentation, and takes more of a minimalist approach. She has also begun composing larger orchestral pieces with hopes of one day scoring film, television and video games.

Solo Piano and New Age Pieces

Speak To Me Gently (solo piano)

The Sound Of Goodbye (piano and strings)

Max's Theme (piano w/accompaniment)

Letting Go (solo piano)

Veniae (electronica/new age)

Cinematic Orchestral Pieces

Dance Of The Prairie Wind


Among The Trees