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Angus Denholm-Hay was born in 1984, and began learning piano in 1992. Angus started studying music composition and theory from 2001, focussing predominantly on the Romantic and Baroque styles, primarily for solo piano.

Angus currently studies composition at the RSAMD (Royal Academy of Music) in Scotland, and composes for a wide range of instruments in a variety of styles.

Recent Compositions:

  • 3 short pieces for wind quintet
  • 18 piano études
  • 3 contemporary 2-part piano inventions
  • 10 short pieces for string quartet
  • 15 piano nocturnes
  • Contemporary Piano Sonata
  • 4 Adagios for 2 Violins

Current Projects:

  • Piece for small ensemble:
    - Piccolo
    - Recorder
    - Saxophone
    - Acoustic Guitar
    - Tuba
    - Trombone
    - Marimba
    - Harpsichord
    - Viola
  • Piece for 6 Synthesisers