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Daniel Valentine (b. August 25, 1992, United States, known on the YC forums as Magna Carta) is a composer, violinist and violist. My mother is an attorney, and my father is an artist. My interest in music first started when my mother would play Bach pieces on her flamenco guitar, which I would as a toddler dance to. At the age of 5 I started training for the piano, though I did not take this training seriously until I was 7. At age 8 I began training for the violin.

My compositional history started then I was 7. I started writing small excercises for piano (that really accomplished nothing at all in terms of technique), and I also created some silly doodles which are now lost with the other collections of juvenilia I once owned. When I was 9, however, I composed a short composition, titled Digital Terror, for piano, which debuted in 2002 and was met with general praise from students. However I entered a hiatus, and did not restart until I was 12, when I heard of the story of composer Jay Greenberg in November of 2004, which inspired me to resume composing (fun fact: jealousy is typically a strong emotion). Eventually, my compositions got better, and I started writing compositions for friends of mine in Middle School.

However, it was not until November of 2007 that I had been thrust to any limelight. In the aforementioned month I debuted my Concerto "Sinfonia" in do maggiore per archi e continuo, written as a gift not only for the school I attended but for the cities of Montreal and Quebec. The same piece received its Albuquerque premier during the 2008 ASTA National Orchestra Festival. As of September 2008 I have temporarily abandoned Baroque pastiches and am composing a multitude of pieces for various orchestrations.

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