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Location: Potchefstroom, South Africa

All his life he's had a deep fascination for the language of music. When asked how he chose a life as a musician, he replied - "I did not choose music, it chose me". Cornelis started private music tuition when he was 6 years old. Piano was his first instrument, but he quickly developed a great love for the violin, and picked it up shortly after. His first public appearance as musician was at age 7. Cornelis started seriously writing music when he was around 14.

Shortly after, he came under private tuition of professional composer Hannes Taljaard. In 2006 his Piano trio - TRIAD, reached prize winning status. During 2007 he collected another prize for three of his newest works, Singlet (woodwind ensemble), Scapes & Falls (Solo Piano, premiered 6 September, 2007), and a collection of Yiddish Folk songs (Piano trio & Soprano, also premiered 6 September 2007). Also during 2007, Cornelis has engaged in working on a children's musical, GRIMM Musical, which is set to receive it's premiere in 2008.

Cornelis has performed extensively with chamber ensembles, orchestras, and as soloist at concerts, in a musical and other events. Cornelis was principle 2nd violinist of the North West Youth Orchestra in South Africa during 2006, and was appointed co-concertmaster in 2007. He is co-founder and leader of the Strepitoso Chamber Ensemble. He is also a private violin instructor, and has experience in directing youth chamber ensembles.