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Omar Sanchez, Senior Year

Born: Santa Barbara, CA, May 9 1991

Age: 19

Affiliation: American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), The International Ghost Hunter Society


  • ASCAP Plus 2008
  • ASCAP Plus 2009
  • RMHS concert band director's award

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Omar Sanchez, currently 19 years old, was born in 1991 at the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. Omar started composing at age the age of 12 and began publishing music at 16. He has overcome numerous hardships throughout his life, which have had significant impacts on his compositional output.His music matured from short, 'little kid music', to more mature, college level orchestral music. Omar was commissioned 4 times since 2008. His greatest achievements among others include:

  1. RB Flute Solo
  2. Unnamed Piano duet
  3. Piano Solo No. 1
  4. Piano Solo No. 2
  5. Piano Solo No. 3 in A# Minor
  6. Piano Solo No. 4 in D major

Omar has many incomplete works as well as many arrangements and also completed works started by his brother and past friend.

Omar plays clarinet, alto clarinet, bass clarinet, contralto clarinet, contra bass clarinet trumpet, piano, flute, and mallet percussion. VCHB is the county's honor band where he held the chair as the contra bass clarinetist in 2008 and one of the 3 bass clarinetists in 2009 out of 8 that auditioned. He currently plays in the Ventura College symphony, and previously played in Rio Mesa's Concert/Jazz/Marching band, VCHB as well as the Ventura College Symphony. In 2008, he obtained the horn sergeant leadership (3rd highest ranked) position in his band. He's never had one single director. They either get fired, find a better paying district, or Omar moves.

He graduated from Rio Mesa High School and hopes to attend the Berklee College of Music for his BM in Music Education, and Composition.

Omar is currently not working on any pieces of music.

In October 2009, Omar began his career as a Paranormal Researcher by founding Night Dwellers Paranormal Research Society. Recently, Omar got the chance to investigate the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA where he met other people in the Paranormal field. Omar was surprised people knew who he was. He is in the process of starting The American Society for Paranormal Unity. ASPU will be a society to promote Para-Unity once more. The goal of ASPU is to get paranormal teams to work together as one, and to give donations to teams in need.