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Chip (Clark) Michael recently returned from the UK after studying composition with Kenneth Dempster and Stephen Davismoon. While there, the Edinburgh Symphony Orchestra permiered Chip's Symphony No. 1 "Figuratively Speaking" in 2008. The Edinburgh Quartet also premiered several string quartets and chamber pieces over the past four years and have maintained a "Skimming Rock & Skipping Stones" as part of their repertoire.

In the Spring of 2010, Grace Kwon will premiere Chip's Violin Concerto and Devin Hughes conducting the Niwot Symphony Orchestra will premiere Chip's Trumpet Concerto in their 2010/11 season with Peter Auricchio on trumpet. He is currently studying with composers Chris Malloy and William Hill in Denver Colorado.

Chip Michael's blog Interchanging Idioms is one of the foremost classical music blogs on the internet covering news, reviews and commentary from professional classical music artists around the world. Chip is known on Young Composers as speakingmusic.