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Aaron Smith

Name Aaron Smith
Sex Male
Age 20
Instruments Played Trumpet, Tuba, and Piano
Musical Interests Film/visual Media, concert, classical, and orchestral

Non Musical Interests Film artist Ben Folds

Aaron Smith is a learning music student at University of California at San Diego (UCSD) in his third year at the school, classified by some as a senior, and by the music department as a junior. Aaron was born on June 11th, 1989, he is entering his 20th year on this planet and his 6th as a composer.

Aaron's portfolio includes multiple works for chamber ensembles (woodwind and brass), solo piano and instrumental, works for full orchestra and "film" orchestra, and his First Symphony, "Expressions" for full orchestra. Aaron believes that his skill to embody a scene with music in simple melodies and bright, dense harmonies puts the music in a category with the greats.

Aaron works on just about any commission / student / independent film for free to gain exposure and get experience writing music. If you like what you see here on this profile, please contact him with any questions or comments. If you would like to see additional work done by the composer, please PM him.

Favorite Composers

Jean Sibelius - Romantic Composer, Finland. Sibelius' music is the perfect model for music that touches even the most casual listeners with memorable motifs, simple harmonies, and sweeping crescendo sections. His music is the original film music, although he always labeled his symphonies as non-programmatic music.

Johannes Brahmes

Ludwig von Beethoven

Charles Ives

Arnold Schoenberg

James Newton Howard

Hanz Zimmer

Until the official is up and running, these links will take you to some actual work done by Aaron over his career. This music is copywritten material (although if you privately contact the composer much of it can be requested to use for free).

  • Piano Prelude No. 2 - Harmonic Imagination [m4a] [PDF]