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Ian James was born December 6, 1989, in General Santos City, Philippines. At age 10, Ian started taking formal piano lessons. After two years, his teacher moved away, forcing him to find a new mentor. He eventually continued his studies with the choir director at the church he was attending. During this time, Ian's training was classically focused, with occassional forays into pop and jazz piano. As he had joined the band program during middle school, he continued with the program into high school. Originating on the clarinet and eventually switching to the bass clarinet, Ian also learned drum rudiments and basics as a member of the pit in his school's winter drumline. He discontinued his piano lessons at age 17 after finding it too much of a challenge while maintaining his academics. After graduating, Ian decided to practice the guitar on his own, learning through playing along with his favorite songs and using basic fundamentals books. While at college, his lack of space to practice music caused him to look for alternatives. This led him to explore the world of electronic composition. After acquiring a few DAWs, Ian started to produce audio utilizing his knowledge obtained throughout the years. To this day, Ian still practices his piano and guitar in his spare time, and also plays guitar and provides vocals for his current band, Airport Hospital.

Audio Tools

To produce music, Ian uses:

List of Completed Works

Ian has been a member of his school band, rock bands, drumlines, and collaborative groups. His pieces reflect this, as they can be standalone electronic pieces, scores for band and orchestra, or outlines for songs to be played with his band.