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Jaap Cramer, Playing the piano

Jaap Cramer, born April 13, 1984, started playing piano at age 5 when he got his first lessons. The teacher played the lessons once for him, then Jaap played them by ear, instead of reading the notes. After a while he started composing his own pieces. At age 11 he went to Nico Hovius, a private tutor who taught him the skills of writing harmony, forms, structure and orchestration (1995-2002).

Among piano, he also has been playing oboe for two years. When his second piano teacher moved he then started taking organ lessons for one year, and became a church organist (2001-now).


He started giving opus numbers when he started composing in 1995. Since then the counter is around opus 75, although many works are unfinished and abandoned. A collection with MP3's of finished works can be found at

Notable abandoned Works

(some parts are finished)

  • Op 29 - Concert for bassoon and orchestra
  • Op 36 - Requiem, for orchestra SATB and soloists
  • Op 42 - Piano Concerto
  • Op 62 - Missa Brevis

Notable finished Works

  • Op 41 - Intermezzo, a piano piece (first use a mix of 5/16 and 6/16) (for Prinses Christina Councours, a dutch concours for composers)
  • Op 48 - Choral preludes, for organ
  • Op 51 - Ballade for violin and piano (for Prinses Christina Councours, a dutch concours for composers)
  • Op 57 - 4 Lamenti, for organ
  • Op 59 - 6 Preludes and Fugues, for organ
  • Op 61 - Guitar music, not playable, but fun
  • Op 63 - Symphony 1. Unsatisfied with part 1; part 4 unfinished, considering renaming it to 0.
  • Op 66 - Suite, for organ (for "Hinzs Concours" for the Hinzs organ in the Bovenkerk, Kampen)
  • Op 69 - Series of 3 Elegies for Orchestra
  • Op 70 - Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano
  • Op 71 - Stringquartet 2
  • Op 74 - Fuga (selected for the finals of the "Hinzs Concours")
  • Op 75 - Holodomor, a work for trombone quintet

Current Projects

  • Songcycle based on Medieval Hebrew poetry by Jehuda haLevi
  • Prelude, Intermezzo, and Fugue for orchestra