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Reeve Flores currently attends high school in Texas and enjoys composing music that portrays moods, thoughts, feelings, ideas, and creates a story. Flores is currently enrolled in AP Music Theory and enjoys the class to its utmost level. His aspirations are to work for surround sound and have the high school band perform one of his pieces.

The general tone in Flores work is dark, emotional, warm, cold, eerie, and cheerful. He composes with a wide range of both the darkest chords to the brightest melodies, keeping a very capricious and varied selection of pieces. His most favored instrument is the marimba, with a belief that it can express emotion on a higher level because the performer is not confined to being situated on a piano bench or a chair. One has much more room to move about and be able to move around as the music calls.

On the marimba, Reeves comments: "You can feel it. I especially love when you can make that connection with your instrument because you can actually perform music not just play the notes on that sheet of music. Its a whole 'nother level."


'For Marimba:

  • Memoirs of a Journey
  • After War
  • Moonlight, VA
  • Candle waltz
  • Sun/Moon
  • Ode to Winter
  • Ode to Autumn