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General Facts

Thampton.jpg Alias: Nirvana69

Member since: 15 May 2007

Born: 13 September 1991

Location: Arizona, United States

Soundclick Page: GuitarPlayer52 - Tyler Hampton

Preferred Idiom: Impressionism

Life and Interests

At one point in his life, Tyler Hampton was born (thus standing as his only accomplishment to date).


  • Experimental piece for metal band ensemble (to become a metal sonata)
  • Empty Dream World
  • Dream World
  • The Forgotten Cathedral
  • The Sunken City
  • Suite for Guitar and Vibraphone
    • II.
    • III. Lullaby
  • Piano Sonata
  • Sonata for Guitar, Flute, and Viola
  • Concept Piece, solo piano
  • Ballad, solo piano fragment
  • The Wind, solo piano
  • Preludes, solo piano
    • 4.
    • 6.
  • Bagatelle in C minor, solo guitar
  • Toy Store, solo piano
  • Tone Picture, solo piano
  • Spanish Prelude
  • The Mountains, solo piano
  • The Rain is Falling, solo piano
  • Butterflies, solo piano
  • Bagatelle in F, solo guitar
  • Piano Concerto, unfinished
  • Boat Across the Ocean, solo piano
  • Forest Theme, incidental
  • A Moment of Rest, incidental
  • Village Theme
  • Wandering Sentiments
  • Voiced Sweetly In
  • Sarah's Theme
  • Perdition