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John Carey is a living American composer. His website is, which has frequently updated downloads of his music.

Musical Style

John Carey's music combines elements of romanticism, impressionism, postmodernism and jazz. Carey's harmonic language tends to be based primarily on polytonality and jazz-influenced sonorities/chords and can generally not be defined as being either tonal or atonal, but rather a mixture of the two (though there are practically always very strong tonal implications in Carey's music). Carey's music is generally dramatic in character, climaxing often and jumping rapidly between opposing emotional states within short spaces of time. Carey describes the intention of his style as being the evocation of a dream-like atmosphere, influenced by his own interest in consciousness and perception.

List of Works

"Ballade for Piano and Four Stringed Instruments" (2008)
"Rhapsody for Orchestra" (2009)
"Sonata for Violin and Piano" (2010)
"Fantasy for Two Pianos" (2010)
"Dream Cycle" (2010)
"String Quartet: Reflections and Revelations" (2010)
"Sonata for Cello and Harp" (2011)
"Visions for Wind Quintet" (2011)