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Brooks Popwell

Age: 19

Education: pursuing MA in cello performance from Bob Jones University

Other musical interests: plays piano, arranges, composes

Still other interests: running, reading; does not have time for much else ;)

Brooks Popwell was born in 1988 in Jacksonville, FL to Dr. Lee and Elizabeth Popwell. He understands that the person reading this page probably doesn't give a rip about where he was born or any other purely personal information about him. If the reader has visited this page because of interest aroused by posted compositions, he is welcomed to e-mail the composer, should nagging urges to learn more about Brooks persist ( If he met Brooks in the forum, on the other hand, he should return to the forum and, should he dare dare to do so, give Brooks the pleasure of waxing eloquent about his past.

Links to compositions: This one probably best represents me...for now...(it's also one of the only 2 postings I have here at this point)