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David Ruzicka was born at May 31, 1979. He is an amateur composer without any formal music education, however since an early age he exhibit strong desire to compose his own music. Because he didn't play any instrument, he used his computer to compose and mix his music. As an adult in his 29, he decided to start taking piano lessons. He loves orchestral film scores.

Favorite composers

Film scores composers

Jerry Goldsmith, James Newton Howard, Marco Beltrami, John Williams, John Barry, Mancini

Classical composers

Bach, Scarlatti, Beethoven, Mozart, Rachmaninov, W. Gillock


Among some popular music compositions David Ruzicka composed score for the local documentary film about the river Labe. He also created several, rather simple, piano compositions, mostly in baroque style, some of which similiar to J.S.Bach's works.

Music of David Ruzicka is available for free (for personal purposes) at his personal homepage at *