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David Hunt has been composing seriously for about five years. He is currently a freshman in college, studying composition and viola performance. He primarily writes chamber music. His works to date are:

  • 5 string quartets:
    • I, dedicated to the victims of the Korean War,
    • II, influenced by dreams,
    • III, not titled,
    • IV, Romantic,
    • V, homage to Schoenberg
  • A Mass, all texts minus the Credo, a cappella choir SSATB
  • A few small choral pieces, madrigals/motets
  • A fantasia for viola and orchestra entitled Appalachia
  • A suite for strings
  • A set of art songs on nursery rhymes
  • A pastorale for oboe, bassoon, and strings
  • 6 Baroque-modeled concerti (concertante, strings, & cembalo):
    • Two violins
    • Violin
    • Two violas
    • Violoncello
    • Viola
    • Cembalo
  • An early romantic overture "Philosophique," written for a English class project.

Arguably, David's greatest weaknesses as a composer are orchestration for large ensembles and mastery of counterpoint in a strictly tonal sense. However, he is not afraid to put music on paper, as is the case with many composers. He is influenced by several musical idioms, especially Nationalism, Impressionism, and early Renaissance. He also likes the Baroque genre (hence the concerti). He has many favorite composers, as he likes to listen to nearly everything. As a composition major, he also listens to a lot of "new music" (i.e. modernism, post-modernism, post-post-modernism, etc.).

His aspiration is to teach composition at a college level someday.

He uses Sibelius, and is minimally versed in Finale.