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Michael (third from left) discussing music with Augusta Read Thomas.

Michael A. Garman was first drawn to composition in middle school, initially by adding additional elements to pieces he played in Band. His first piece was a gift on Mother's Day 2003, a solo Clarinet work which the composer performed. Since then, Michael has composed well over 200 works, mostly for diverse chamber ensembles. Unfortunately, most of his music was lost to time and technology, and he currently authenticates 28 compositions.


Michael A. Garman has spent 3 years attending the University of North Texas, where his teachers have included Cindy McTee, Andrew May, who he is currently studying with, as well as Paul Thomas, Dajeong Choi, and Joseph Klein. He studies Clarinet with Deborah Fabian. He plans to finish his Bachelor's of Music degree and continue for a Master's degree and finally a D.M.A in Composition. He attended Westfield High School in Chantilly Virginia, where his teachers included Charles Chaffin and the late Laura McBride.


Trying to avoid a defining style, Michael has written for many mediums in many different styles and genres.


Recently Michael wrote "Kosterman Sketches", commissioned by Rod Kosterman, "Variations on a Decisive Theme", commissioned by Eric Andress, as well as writing "Hold Fast" for Brian Bowman and his Tuba and Euphonium Ensemble. His most recent work was "How Life", a concerto for multiple woodwinds, 1 player. He currently is finishing a piece for solo Horn with a small percussion setup as accompaniment. He is also a member and writes for UNT's Secondary Ensemble, as well as being an Officer in Composers Forum at UNT. He expects to graduate in May of 2010.

List of compositions

Michael gladly invites anyone to request his music, and holds absolutely no charge for such service.

Solo Works

OuterSpatial Dimensions: Flute Solo. 10'
Kosterman Sketches: 4 Timpani, 19 small pieces, total 30'.
Piano Solo No. 1: 3'
Piano Solo No. 2: 2'
Piano Solo No. 3: 2'
Hardly With You: Solo Clarinet.

Chamber Works

Folk Songs: 2 Clarinets 1 Bass Clarinet. 5'
Rubber Band Ball: Violin, Flute, Bssn, T Sax, Tbn. 4'
Tape Music: Horn Quartet. 5'
LandyCand: Any ensemble, fewer small instruments best. Questionable duration, game piece.
Remembrances and Tribute: String Quintet, (Orchestra optional) written for Virginia Tech victims. 3'11"
Fire Music: Vocalist, Alto Sax, Trombone, 4 toms. 2'40"
Characteristics: Double Bass and Sop. Voice. 3'
Variations on a Decisive Theme: Bass Trombone Quartet. 7'
Marshmallow: For beginning Horn and Piano. 4'
Nemesis: Horn and small percussion setup. 6'

Large Ensemble Works

Hold Fast: Tuba and Euphonium Ensemble. 5'
How Life: Multi-woodwind Concerto. 18'
Sound Happens: for 20 computers/laptops. 20'
Unfoldings: Brass Band. 6'
Garish Aberration: Beginning band. 2'


Ugly Baby: Electronic. 59"
Jump for Joy: Ellington jazz arrangement, tmpt/clarinet + Rhythm section. 3'
She Just Don't Understand: Lead Sheet format. 3'


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Michael A. Garman can also be reached at, or by visiting and leaving a message on his Myspace, [1]

You can also view his website at [2]