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Daniel Muñoz Alférez was born 16 February 1983 in Querétaro Mexico. Initialized in piano by his father and a little later by his brother, Daniel always seemed to refuse going to the conservatory or any other institutionalized musical education. It was not until 1998 when he accepted violin lessons with a Cuban teacher. Besides this educator he has not had any other formal musical instruction. Self-teaching remains his foremost method of musical learning, having reached substantial levels in instruments such as piano (his primary), electric bass, saxophone, and others.

Daniel began composing for piano since his very early years, but was until the age of 17 when he started getting some serious results. His musical works cover a wide diversity of styles from Electronic Dance/Pop, Trance, Experimental, to post-classical, contemporary music in orchestra and piano, also Religious music and Latin styles.

Daniel began singing and playing in local churches at a very young age, and has played the organ in the Cathedral of Querétaro for many years. Music is not Daniels sole field, contrasting his role as a pianist in restaurants, he also works in the computer repairing business, being able to fix software or hardware troubles in PC's and laptops, assembling new equipment and working in analog-digital audio/video conversions. Identified more as a computer technician rather than composer, Daniel continues writing his legacy on the present.


Known as SYS65 or just SYS in the YC community, he is part of the Reviewer team, assigned to Orchestral and Electronic forums. You can contact him Here

Styles and genres he has worked in:

  • Post-Romantic
  • Neo-Classical
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Dance / Techno / House
  • Trance
  • Electronic
  • Latin Jazz
  • Bossa Nova
  • Futurism
  • Religious Hymns

Complete List of Compositions

Important Works and Projects in [b]Bold[/b], Links to YC pages when applicable

All Known works
No. Title Instrumentation Date
- Toccata y Fuga Organ ~1990
- Fantasia Libre en Dm Organ ~1991
- (Other Untitled Works) Organ ~1992
- Homo ante Deum Solists, Chorus and Orchestra ~1995 Unfinished,Abandoned
- Concolorcorvo en la Selva Large Orchestra ~1997 Unfinished,Abandoned
- (Untitled) Octeto 8 Players ~1998 Unfinished,Abandoned
Op.1 Sombras del Aire Clarinet Solo 14 Abr 1998
Op.2 Sueños del Fuego Violin and Piano 3 Mar 1999
Op.3 Porqué? Piano 13 Mar 1999
Op.4 Trucos faciles con la Sordina Piano 16 Mar 1999
- Esperando a que salga el Sol Singer, Rock Band 20 Ago 1999
- Mas lejos que otra galaxia Singer, Rock Band 29 Sep 1999
Op.5 Isabel Piano 15 Ene 2000
- Es por ti Singer, Rock band 12 Feb 2000
Op.6 El Portador de la Fuerza Piano 2 Feb 2001
Op.7 Jugando en el Piano Piano 5 Abr 2001
Op.8 El Valle de las Tormentas Piano 6 Jul 2001
Op.9 Dreamlike Breeze Violin and Piano 29 Ago 2001
- Electronic Feelings Midi sequence 29 Nov 2001
- Several Titled and Untitled Midi sequences ~2001
Op.10 Homenaje a Mussorsgki Piano 11 Feb 2002
ew.1 Feel Chido Computer Synthesizers 17 Mar 2002
ew.2 The Blank Picture Computer Synthesizers 28 Abr 2002
ew.3 Shining City Computer Synthesizers 10 May 2002
ew.4 Everything is moving Computer Synthesizers 30 May 2002
ew.5 Mysterious Power Computer Synthesizers 13 Jun 2002
ew.6 Raining Day Computer Synthesizers 02 Jul 2002
ew.7 The Robobird Computer Synthesizers 20 Jul 2002
ew.8 Rhythmical Spectrum Computer Synthesizers 03 Ago 2002
ew.9 The Wolf Dance Computer Synthesizers + Bass 08 Nov 2002
ew.10 Flashing Dreams Computer Synthesizers + Bass 31 Dic 2002
ew.11 Spy Phantom Computer Synthesizers + Bass 21 Ene 2003
ew.12 The Invisible Avenue Computer Synthesizers + Bass 30 Ene 2003
ew.13 The Quiet place Computer Synthesizers + Bass 31 Ene 2003
ew.14 My Life Sensations Computer Synthesizers + Bass 10 Feb 2003
ew.15 Dance Thriller Night Computer Synthesizers + Bass 14 Mar 2003
Op.11 Tres cosas que no me gustan Piano 8 Jul 2003
ew.16 Golden Knight Computer Synthesizers 6 Sep 2003
Op.12 [b]The Warrior of the Iron Mountains[/b] Large Orchestra 10 Jun 2004
- El sonido del derroche Exaggerated Huge Orchestra 27 Feb 2005
ew.17 Supreme Marimba Computer Synthesizers 24 Sep 2005
ew.18 Daylight Purposes Computer Synthesizers + Guitar + Bass 28 Sep 2005
ew.19 Pop Patterns Computer Synthesizers 01 Oct 2005
ew.20 Beloved Creature Computer Synthesizers 07 Nov 2005
ew.21 Radical Ways Computer Synthesizers 30 Nov 2005
ew.22 Static Methods Computer Synthesizers 6 Dic 2005
Op.13 Horizontes (sonido 13 real) Special Computer Synthesizer 2 Feb 2006
OP.14 Leaving Organ 22 Abr 2006
Op.15 Concluding Organ 30 Abr 2006
OP.16 Finishing Organ 4 Jun 2006
Op.17 Organon Organ 8 Abr 2007
Op.18 La vez que llegué tarde a tu vida Computer Synthesizers+4intrs 26 May 2007
Op.19 [b]Enigma de la Rosa[/b] Soprano & Small Orchestra 30 Oct 2008
Op.20 [b]The Polyphasetic Collection[/b] Large Orchestra 18 Nov 2008
Op.21¬ Oraciones y Poemas al Señor Voice + Organ 19 Nov 2008
[size=1]Op.21-1[/size] Oración de los Niños de Fátima Voice + Organ(Hymn) 19 Nov 2008
[size=1]Op.21-2[/size] Tú me mueves, Señor Voice + Organ(Hymn) 26 Nov 2008
[size=1]Op.21-3[/size] Solo Dios Basta Voice + Organ(Hymn) 29 Dic 2008
Op.22 El Yo Latino (BossaSalsa) Tenor Sax + Piano 2 Ene 2009
[size=1]Op.21-4[/size] Pitié mon Dieu Voice + Organ(Hymn) 18 Ene 2009
[size=1]Op.21-5[/size] Famille de Nazareth Voice + Organ(Hymn) 24 Ene 2009
ew.23 Being watched Sense Computer Synthesizers + E. Guitar 1 Feb 2009
ew.24 You're so Cool Computer Synthesizers 23 Feb 2009
ew.25 The Ardent Way Computer Synthesizers 25 Feb 2009
ew.26 My House in the Clouds Computer Synthesizers + E. Guitar 27 Feb 2009
ew.27 Pure Night-Sky Computer Synthesizers 5 Mar 2009
ew.28 Your Latin-Web Computer Synthesizers 8 Mar 2009
Op.23 Conferencia Extraterrestre Special Computer Synthesizer 10 Mar 2009
ew.29 Intro (A) Computer Synthesizers 11 Mar 2009
ew.30 Routine Computer Synthesizers 12 Mar 2009
ew.31 I will hold to the End Computer Synthesizers 14 Mar 2009
ew.32 I will wait for the Moment Computer Synthesizers 16 Mar 2009
- Sway (Album ew.23-29,31-32) Computer Synthesizers 16 Mar 2009
Op.24 [b]Noche y Revelacion[/b] Orchestra 9 Sep 2009
Op.25 [b]Valz del Callejon[/b] Orchestra 9 Oct 2009
Op.26 Conferencia Subacuatica Special Computer Synthesizer 17 Feb 2010
Op.27¬ Retratos Pianisticos para Estudiantes Piano 25 Feb 2010
[size=1]Op.27-1[/size] Una Viejecita Piano 27 Feb 2010
[size=1]Op.27-2[/size] Sueño de Jacaranda Piano 28 Feb 2010
[size=1]Op.27-4[/size] Tiquitin Piano 29 Feb 2010
[size=1]Op.27-3[/size] Un Colibri Piano 2 Mar 2010
[size=1]Op.27-5[/size] Siesta Piano 2 Mar 2010
[size=1]Op.27-6[/size] Sofisticacion Piano 2 Mar 2010
[size=1]Op.21-6[/size] Padre del Cielo Voice + Organ(Hymn) 3 Mar 2010
[size=1]Op.21-7[/size] Hambre y Sed de Amor Voice + Organ(Hymn) 3 Mar 2010
Op.28 Misa, Veni Domine Iesu SA Choir + Small Orch 26 Mar 2010
- (Untitled) TemaMongolaz Computer Synthesizers 24 Abril 2010
Op.30 The Space in the Time Voice + Computer Synthesizers(Song) 5 Jul 2010
Op.31 [b]Maseuayotl[/b] Orchestra 28 Ago 2010
- 3 Villancicos Queretanos (Arrangement) Boys Choir + Orchestra 16 Nov 2010
Op.32 Ave Maris Stella SATB Choir + Piano + Strings 24 Nov 2010
[size=1]Op.27-7[/size] Añoranza Piano 30 Dic 2010
[size=1]Op.27-8[/size] En el Jardin Piano 30 Dic 2010
[size=1]Op.27-9[/size] El Alhajero Piano 31 Dic 2010
[size=1]Op.27-10[/size] Sofisticacion II Piano 1 Ene 2011
[size=1]Op.27-11[/size] Impetu Piano 4 Ene 2011
- 2010 Awards Theme Computer Synthesizers  ?
Op.33 [b]Ecos del Tropico[/b] Orchestra 28 Mar 2011

Under Construction Projects

Works currently being written:
Title Instrumentation Status
El Gato Piano frozen project since 2004
Caricatura , en todos los tonos mayores v. p/Piano frozen project since 2008
Caricatura , en todos los tonos mayores v. p/Orchestra frozen project since 2008
[b]Sonata No.1 "de los Rayos y la Centellas"[/b] Piano frozen project
(MGG) ? frozen project since 2006
(Obra M) Piano frozen project since 2002
(Obra W32) Piano frozen project since 2001
(Obra YZ24) Piano frozen project since 2001
[b](Caballerotes) Scenic Concert[/b] Chorus & Orchestra frozen project since 2008
(Heckel-piano) Heckelphone + Piano frozen project since 2004
(Cathedral) Organ frozen project since 2007
[b](Tocatta)[/b] Organ frozen project since 2007
Song1 Melody only (multiple instrumentation) Done, waiting for Lyrics
Rock Song1 Rock Band currently under construction
[b]The Tower of Babel (Opera in 3 Acts)[/b] Solists, Chorus & Orchestra Writing very slowly
[b]Concertino para piano y orquesta infantil[/b] Piano and small orchestra currently writting

Future Projects (nothing written yet)

just ideas...
Title Instrumentation
[b]The K2 Symphony[/b] Large Orchestra
Futbol (Football) Orchestra

LAST UPDATE:Mar 30 2011