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A contemplative Mr. Rienzi

Jason Rienzi (known on YC by simply Rienzi ) currently maintains the website He has loved classical-era music since he was very young. To this day, no musical experience has as powerfully affected his as the first time he heard Beethoven's 9th symphony at the age of 10. He was lying in bed and it came on the radio. He listened to the whole thing, utterly transfixed. The symphonies of Beethoven remain a source of great joy for him.

He had no musical instruction as a child, except for playing cello in my school orchestra, from 4th to 11th grade, without private lessons. In college he began taking private cello lessons and realized at length that his type of musical mind is better suited for composition.

Sadly, his career as a programmer prevented him from taking up composition properly, and he started to fill his spare hours poking around the musical literature, and writing ever more complex programs to aid him in the process of learning composition. This led to the creation of MusicDNA Composer, about a 2 year process.

Jason lives on the north side of Chicago, and originally hails from South Bend, Indiana. He's always up for working for free with area musicians whose work he's interested in. And, for a modest fee, he can also do custom music software, as well as MDNA encoding, arrangement and orchestration work. He's fun to work with.