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Marc-Alexandre Chan

Background Information
User name Laogeodritt
Born 11 July 1991 (age 31)
Place of Residence Québec, Canada
Composing since Fall 2003
Composition style Incidental (film score, video game), progressive metal, romantic, contemporary orchestral
Instruments Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Guitar
Major works n/a
Contact Information
Email laogeodritt %{at} gmail %{dot} com
Facebook (Private)
AIM Laogeodritt
MSN (Ask me)
Skype (Ask me)
Yahoo! (Ask me)

Marc-Alexandre Chan (born 11 July 1991) is a Chinese-Canadian engineering student and an amateur writer and composer currently living in Montréal, Québec, Canada. He is currently studying in Electrical Engineering. His interests vary widely, from the sciences and mathematics to several artistic domains. As a musician, he favours Romantic, Impressionistic, some contemporary orchestral, orchestral video-game, and film-score music.


Instruments and Repertoire

Marc-Alexandre plays several instruments. He considers himself a cellist primarily, although he has not played for several years, lacking a cello. He also plays the flute and clarinet, and has attempted to learn or merely tried several other instruments.

He plays, in order of skill and experience:

Musical style

Marc-Alexandre writes primarily for small orchestras and solo piano, often in the style of video-game or film-score music. He is interested in Impressionist and more experimental contemporary music, but has never experimented in writing such music.

Since 2008, he has been experimenting with the progressive metal genre. His interests tend towards complex, technically difficult works or experimental work, often heavily influenced by Dream Theater. His recent projects have been narrative epics, for which the music and vocals have incorporated elements of musical theatre.

Non-musical interests

Marc-Alexandre's non-musical interests vary widely, from the sciences — electrical engineering, theoretical physics, chemistry, medicine, biology and higher mathematics — to the arts and beyond. As an artist, he enjoys writing fiction (predominantly short stories, psychological in nature and pseudo-historical/fantasy in setting), composing and playing music, and, to a lesser extent, drawing. He has also been learning the arts of Western and Japanese calligraphy. He also does web-programming and design, being comfortable with PHP (very limited SQL abilities), Javascript, XHTML and CSS.

Current projects

  • (2009–2010) Untitled novel (Working title: "Revenge")

List of works

Current projects

  • (2009–2010) Flute Concerto in D minor
  • (2010) Acetapentan [progressive metal]
  • (2010) Untitled [progressive metal]



  • (2008) Phoenix Wright: Concert Band Suite
  • (2007) A Zelda Medley for Flute, B♭ Clarinet, Horn, Alto Saxophone and Baritone Saxophone


Only significant projects are listed here.

  • (2008) Ereyan's Theme - solo piano. For the visual novel Noctua (Feathered Melody Productions).
  • (2008–2009) Untitled "Betrayal" - Musical Theater / Opera project (suspended)


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