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About Rick

Rick Miller was born in 1994 in Liverpool, Merseyside, England. He has been composing since the age of 11, when he started off composing organ and choral music. Later in his music career he started writing works for small ensembles, and then for full orchestra.

His favorite composers include Stravinsky because he composed the Firebird Suite and Petrushka. He also Likes Williams for creating what he thinks are "the best effects" that are possible for the cinema. Rachmaninoff and Bach are among his favorite composers. Rachimoninoff for his "unique Piano concertos and Bach for his fantastic Chorales and Organ Music. Rick is currently a freshman in High School and plays the Piano and sings.

List of Major Works

These are the latest of Rick's full works:

  • Coronation Celebration (For Orchestra)
  • Escape (For String Quartet, Synthesizer and Drum Kit)
  • Nocturne (For Chamber Orchestra)


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