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Keryn Tatman is 16 (currently), has purple hair (currently), red nails (currently), 5"4, male, cigerettes: 10, bracelets: 3, 9 and a half stone, Virgo, personality: temperamental, gay, year of the Horse, year 12, earings: 7(currently), single, 2 sisters, Atheist.

Keryn plays the Cello, (Grade 7), Piano (Grade 4) and Sings (Grade 5). He is a member of the East Riding Youth Orchestra and leads the cello section. He is also part of a cello quartet and is also in a solo band, untold_within, which is experimental piano and voice music, (see Myspace). He loves most types of music: from Classical to Rock to Club dance to Folk to R+B to female fronted Gothic symphonic mental! From an early age Keryn has written compositions and in year 8 his school orchestra performed his orchestral work, Mourn.

Keryn has just finished Beverley Grammar school where he did Music, Art and History for GCSE. He is now about to go to Hull College to do a joint 3 A-level BTEC in Music. He then wishes to move on the Brunel University in Middlesex and o a Composing course.

He loves to draw - especially in Oil Pastels. He loves reading and his favorite book is The Shadow of the Wind by some unpronounceable Spanish author. He love films: 80's horrors, thrillers, supernatural, Romantic, comedy.

All time favorite composer: Stravinsky

All time favorite band: The Gossip/Evanescence