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Nicole Randall

Nicole Randall is a composer and flautist living in Atlanta, GA. Her works have been performed from Alias Chamber Ensemble in Nashville, TN to flautist, James Strauss in Recife, Brazil. The bulk of Nicole’s work is for the concert setting, but she has also set some films to music, winning “Best Original Score” for the 2003 Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project for the musical “Storyboard in A Major”. Nicole's works have been featured on "Live in Studio C",, and Dartmouth College's Electronic music festival. Nicole received her Bachelor’s in Music Composition from the University of Georgia where she studied with Dr. William Davis, Dr. Leonard Ball, and Dr.Lewis Nielson and was selected for master classes with Charles Wuorinen and Joan Tower.

Nicole, as a flautist, currently performs with the woodwind quintet, Highland 5, with guitarist Brian Luckett in duoATL, Capitol City Opera, and various jazz situations throughout Atlanta. You can find out more and listen to Nicole’s music at


  • Nicole is known as Ncomposer on the forum if you want to contact her via the community.
  • If you would like to contact her via email, her email address is
  • Visit her website to listen to her original compositions and flute playing:


Orchestral Works

  • Chrysalis, Overture for Orchestra - premiered by Ludwig Symphony Orchestra
  • Apparition, Flute Concertino with String Orchestra - published by Lux Nova Press, Premiered by Flutist James Strauss and Antunes Camera Chamber Orchestra under Ênio Antunes

Choral Works

  • Agnus Dei, SATB - Published by Lux Nova Press
  • Easter Processional, SATB, Organ, Brass Quintet, Timpani - Commissioned and Premiered by St. Joseph Chancel Choir
  • Two Choices, SSAA and Piano

Chamber Works

  • Coalesensce, for String Quartet (I. Coagulation, II. Discombobulation) - published by Lux Nova Press, Premiered by Alias Chamber Ensemble
  • Prayer Cycle, for Soprano and Piano - published by Lux Nova Press, Premiered by Anna Ineckan and Dr. Emma Pettyjohn
  • Helios, for Flute and Two Percussion
  • Dyad, Clarinet and Cello
  • Quelch, Violin


Film, Broadcast, and Multimedia

  • Storyboard in A Major, a musical film short - Won Best Original Score in the 48 Hour Atlanta Film Project
  • E.Motion Express Theme Song
  • Carrier, Sci Fi Film Short
  • Southern Style, Western Film Short
  • MW5 - Electronic work

Works in progress

  • Opera
  • Woodwind Quintet
  • Flute and Guitar duo