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Nathan Kendrick (born 1993) is an American composer, musician, musicologist and conductor. He lives in a small rural town of Pennsylvania, but still manages to immerse himself in the arts. Kendrick is an avid performer and enjoys a busy schedule of both vocal and instrumental related events. His latest ambitions include bettering his compositions and networking out to other musicians and composers; both of which he believes Young Composers will help him achieve.


Completed Works

  • Opus 1: Double Reed Quartet (2007)- Written for three oboes and a bassoon, this piece was composed after Kendrick attended his first Octoboefest, a double reed festival at Mansfield University. He considers it his first true composition.
  • Opus 2: Latin Chorals (2008- )
    • Number 1: Pater Noster (2008)- Written for A cappella SATB choir, this is the first work in what Kendrick believes will be a large opus of about twelve works based on Latin prayers.

Works in Progress

  • Salve Regina- A cappella SATB
  • The Creation- Working title for a twentieth-century inspired woodwind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, bassoon).
  • Faerie Songs- Planned for wind ensemble (piccolo, flutes, oboes, English horn, clarinets, and bassoon) and soloist. Based on parts of Shakespeare's "Midsummers Night Dream" and "The Tempest". Also includes an overture and interlude.
  • Katrina- A symphony based on the events of Hurricane Katrina. Planned for large orchestra and choir.
  • The Bells- Symphonic Poem based on a poem by Edgar Allen Poe.
  • Sonnets from the Portuguese- a group of songs based on poems by E. B. Browning.