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GelGel is an amature composer and soundtrack producer who started composing in 2003 making simple hard rock drum beats using FL studio sequencer, exposing himself into different kinds of music, cultures and orchestral soundscapes, then year after year he began to take a unique form of music using the virtual environment he possess, specially after falling in love with the power and rage of hard rock music, so he took it as his main beat and mixed it with some middle eastern or african percussions in addition of using all the mighty and glory the orchestral strings and horns gives.

His Style:

Hard rock






His Gear:

windows vista 64x edition based on intel core 2 quad Q 6600 @ 2.4 ghz cpu, 8 gb of ram, terabyte disk space, 5.1 surround sound creative speakers, plugged to a creative sb x-fi xtreme audio sound card

Softwares and programes:

FL Studio


Sonar 7

Over 300 gb vst programmes:

EWQL Hardcore bass,

EWQL Stormdrum [ intakt and kompakt editions],

EWQL Colossus,


Orient world,

Ethno world 3,

Outer limits,

IK Sampletank 2.5,

Sonik Synth 2,

IK Miroslav Philarmonik,

Vir2.Instruments Acoustic legends HD,

DFH EZdrummer,

Vienna Symphonic Orchestra Pro Performance

and lots and lots of sound libraries and drumloops from all over the world : middle eastern, afrian, indian, latin....etc

Contact him:

Known as GelGel on the forum, you can also contact him on email at ""