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Joseph (Joey) Kosik was born on July 9th, 1998, Binghamton, New York, making him 13 years old. He started playing piano at about 12 years old, and appeared by many to be very gifted. He has took piano lessons from two teachers in his lifetime, and has become even more talented then when he started playing. Later on in Middle School, Joey started playing the tuba, when the choice of percussion was taken. Joey is extremely advanced in his piano and tuba playing and has always been ready to play whatever he wanted no matter how hard. He discovered his talent when he was asked to compose a small song for his music class in 5th grade, and made the class astonished with his performance, and was the only one who played his song on the teacher's piano. Since then he has made extraordinary progress and success, and is known throughout his school. Joey is also very gifted at other forms of art too, including drawing, architecture, creativity, Preforming Arts (Filming;directing;filmmaking;screenwriting) etc. Joey is currently living in Binghamton and goes to Susquehanna Valley.

How Joey Works

Joey Kosik doesn't have much of a reputation but is known b some of his friends to be a wonderful composer of ragtime, classical music, jazz, and soundtrack. Joey has always had a major hard time with "completing his music" but has gotten to make some short works. Joey is determined to be famous composer/musician, and architect, and get himself known. He enjoys ragtime, classical/romantic, soundtrack, and jazz. He loves to listen to John Williams, and Hanz Zimmer. --Jkay3 22:12, 6 October 2011 (UTC)/Users/josephkay/Desktop/untitled.ptg