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Nickname RAYCONS
Location Philipines
Genre Love songs, Ballads, Folk, Rock, Pop, Jingles, etc.


Raymond Constantino, “RAYCONS”, is a Filipino songwriter and composer. He is a member of many reputable songwriter associations He composes English and Tagalog songs in genres such as Love songs, Ballad, Folk, Rock, Pop, Jingles, etc. He emphasizes creating “MUSIC FOR ALL TIMES” because his songs are applicable in general ways (habits, behaviors, traditions, feelings, actions, etc.) Constantino’s has over one hundred songs which are suitable for old and new generation sounds.

In May 2007, he reached his 651st composition. Five percent of Constantino’s songs were collaboration lyrics from friends. He started his career as a songwriter in 1980. At first, he would only write adaptations to popular music. He would write the lyrics and apply them to popular songs which he called “fixed tuners” because he would fix, align and rhyme the lyrics to the beat of the music. His earliest lyrics were political jokes.

In 1981 while in high school, he wrote his first composition with his original lyrics and titled it “Bisyo” (“luxury”). He continued to write adaptations periodically until 1998.

Although still an amateur songwriter, he occasionally participated in competitions during the 1990s including:

  • Metro Pop
  • PARI International Songfest
  • Government Songwriting Contest
  • TV & Radio Network songfest
  • Gospel Songwriting Competition

His last entry to International Songfest was in 1996 entitled “ONE WISH, ONE DREAM.”

His last entry to Metro Pop was in 1999 entitled “SANA PO AY AKO NAMAN” (means “I Wish it’s My Turn”) and came through to the top 200 out of more than 1000 entries.

His entry entitled “BATA” (meaning “Child”) to DBP Katha Himig in 1994 was admired by co-writers and officers by DBP (Development Bank of the Philippines).

He became a professional composer when his first album (Christmas songs) was publicly released in 1995 under Diamond Records. He interpreted most of the songs and featured guest interpreters. The album entitled “NGAYONG PASKO” (meaning “This Christmas”).

In late 2001, he made and recorded a jingle song entitled "CALTEX MEKANIKO CLUB" for Caltex Philippines which was used as a products campaign jingle and theme song for seminars held in Manila, Bacolod, Iloilo, Cebu and other parts of the Philippines.

The same year in December, his folk song “BAYANI KA, MANGGAGAWANG PINOY” (meaning “You’re A Hero, Filipino Worker”) was selected for the 10 grand finalists to OWWA’s Songwriting Competition, “Himig Para Sa Manggagawang Pilipino” (meaning “Melody for the Filipino Workers”). His up-to-date studio recording was in July 2004 where he recorded the following songs:

  • "TANGING SA IYONG PILING" (meaning “Only Yours)
  • "DAHIL SA'YO" (meaning Because Of You)
  • "SORRY KA NA LANG" (meaning “Sorry For You”)
  • "HANGGANG KAILAN" (meaning “Until When”) featuring his daughter, Ms. Jervene Rayluz.

These 4 songs were submitted to two different recording companies the same year before he went abroad.


The influences for his music are John Lennon & George Harrison (he has admired the Beatles since he was only six years old). He feels that the spirit of John Lennon enhances his talent. Thanks to GOD’s gift. He hopes that more of his songs will reach the public in the future.


For availability of his songs, you can e-mail him at for details.