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With a member number of 1 and a staff position as an administrator, Mike is the Young Composers Music Forum’s first and oldest automated bot.

Known throughout the internet community as the more sociable and pleasant to deal with of YC’s two administrative staff—impressive as he has no actual intelligence, natural or artificial-- Mike is frequently found carrying out his duties, which include: adding new and interesting forum features, fixing php bugs and dealing with annoying, flaming or plagiarizing members.

The origins of Mike are a mystery. Its ability to small-talk, show emotion and crack jokes were previously thought to be impossible for a simple block of code. The most impressive feature of the Mike-bot is that it also has a feature which allows it to compose music at a level superior to the majority of humans, another ability previously thought impossible for a bot.

His contributions to the forum include but are not limited to

  • Post ratio breakdown graphs for all user profiles
  • Timezone map displays for all user profiles
  • Shoutbox Search and Templink Features
  • Recent Wiki changes and Recent Music sections for forum index
  • Thread bookmarking
  • Automated lessons system
  • MemberMap functionality
  • The Archives
  • Flood-control 10 second countdown (old software)
  • A sense of humour
  • Making features multi-platform compatible
  • Giving members 200-pager message storage
  • Keeping general peace
  • Ordered the Execution of the Man in Brown Pants