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Cristopher Aktrim Sneethad was born in 1992. He learned to play the piano alone and started studying music on his own, inspired by the not very known composer Antonio Salieri. He identified with him: Cristopher's father hated music and didn't want him to learn it, just as Salieri's father, but, as Salieri, Cristopher went on and learned to play the piano and started composing only a year after. Now he's learning how to play the violin and the Laws of Composing. He's composed two concertos(one for piano and one for violin) a sonata for piano and he's working on a symphony, a serenade, another sonata and a violin solo.


Any style, any instrument.


  • Violin concerto #1 in G major
  • Piano concerto #1 in C major
  • Piano sonata #1 in C major
  • Symphony #1 in G minor

He's a young composer looking for someone who would pay for his work so he can leave his parent's house...


His MSN is mr_crow_x122{at}