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Steven Carey, 16 years of age, has been playing violin since he was 5. In addition, he plays piano, guitar, and some flute. Since he was 9, he always enjoyed writing small compositions for violin, while not admittedly proud of of them, he felt the idea compelling nonetheless. He stopped "fooling around" for a while but continued to focus on violin, playing with several orchestras, most notably the GBYSO (Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra). For a year or so, he lost focus on his primary instrument when he was caught up in "the rock and roll bug", turning into bands like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Yes, and picking up guitar. However, he soon returned to playing and listening to classical music, discovering more 20th Century composers such as Stravinsky, Ravel, and Schoenberg, once again giving him the urge to compose. He counts those three as his favorite composers along with Bach, and his favorite rock/pop musicians/composers are Frank Zappa, Brian Wilson, The Beatles, Todd Rundgren, Laura Nyro, and Deep Purple.

Steven is also very interested in recording and production and would like to pursue a career in such a field. One of his goals is to use electric instruments and synthesizers in the classical format, as well as using the wonders of digital recording/manipulation as a compositional tool in scoring, arranging, sound synthesis, dynamic manipulation and EQ, etc. He does not have a strong background in classical composition, but he does write in the rock/pop vein, with hopes that can help him in building the skills and attaining all the tools that he needs to advance.