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Ed Parry (b.1992) is currently a college student in the UK. He has been a musician for around 7 years and has been composing for about 4 years. He plays four instruments including the Trumpet and Piano and his compositions are mostly for the piano, although he plans to write for different instruments and ensembles in the new year. His main influence is Ludovico Einaudi and so tries to write in a minimalist style, with simple melodies and effective harmonies. His first piece written for organ based on a German Chorale Tune is being performed next month.

Personal Contact Information

Due to large work loads and lack of time, Ed is unable to be as active on the Young Composers Forums as he'd like to be. For this reason, contacting him by email is the easiest and quickest way: edparry92 [at]

Ed is known as Chaski throughout the Forums.


Ed is currently at college studying Music, Mathematics, Physics & Computing, after gaining 15.5 GCSEs including Music and Music Technology (both A*). Unfortunately, this is as far as he plans to study Music, since he is hoping to gain entry to university on a Computer Science course; his main passion in life. Music still plays a valuable part in his life, and he plans to take Grade 8 Trumpet in the summer.


Ed plays Bb Trumpet in many orchestras and ensembles. He also sings bass in two choirs, performing at various cathedrals and churches around the UK. In other ensembles, he has toured the Spanish capital of Barcelona, and hopes to travel again to Strasbourg later in the year.


Ed is quite new to composition and so has only completed one piece. He enjoys writting in a minimalist/pop genre with influence's taken from Einaudi, Daniel Pemberton and Dru Masters. He hopes to compose for Film, TV & Games in the future as a hobby, or possibly full-time career.

A list of my completed compositions can be found below.*

Land of the Unknown.

  • Due to lack of resources, all composition's currently do not sound decent. Upgrades of hardware in the near future will change this and updated versions will be uploaded.