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Early Life

Jamnez Auphstein Vuitlaer was born in Bonn, Germany in the year of 1991, where he lived with his grandparents. His grandfather, Juillard Smort Vuitlaer, was a concert pianist for the local charity house at Wentervieta Square, where he played alongside a choir to assist it in means of publicity. His grandmother, Kritzen Merdina Vuitlaer, was the only grandparent that ever stayed home. Jamnez' grandmother was responsible for teaching him to speak the basics of German, and some Italian for when they went to visit their relatives in Italy.

From infancy, Jamnez seemed to be very interested in words, and his grandmother said he was very quick to learning both of the languages. When the charity house closed down, his grandfather retired to his estate in Bonn, where he gave Jamnez his first real piano lessons. This was merely a pastime, and he had no idea that the lessons he gave would eventually result in the production of musical compositions. But Jamnez was torn from his grandparents. His parents were overseas in the United States, and they felt that it was time for him to live with them in America.

Life in America

After he finished moving into his father's house, Jamnez followed closely to the call of his father's voice. Jamnez had been overseas in Germany, and this would be the first time he had seen his father since he was only months old. His mother had become ill and had died before Jamnez got to see her again after his birth, and his father was suffering from depression. Even worse, his father was starting to lose his mind. After several cases of domestic abuse inflicted upon his son, Jamnez, in 2000, his father was put into a mental health facility, and Jamnez was taken under the care of his other family members.

Inspirations Reveal Themselves

He started school in Kettering, OH. It was there that he met up with Orchestra Director and prime composer of the area, Rich Wright. Rich Wright was perhaps the ultimate "Music Man". Rich played the guitar in a rock/swing/blues band in his earlier years, and he played violin, viola, cello, and he was in a choir, as well as 6 different regional orchestras, in all of which he remains the first chair violist. Rich taught Jamnez to play the violin and he noted that Jamnez had a natural ability at his instrument. Coming from someone as accomplished as Rich Wright, that meant a lot to Jamnez.

Jamnez started composing at a very fast pace in the 7th grade by recording his violin and piano impromptus, making mostly minimalist sketches, but he soon grew into a full composer. Within two years of violin lessons, Jamnez had already supplied music for local weddings. He had entertained at parties and played at charity events, just as his grandfather had always done. It was this relative "genius" that made Jamnez a passionate lover of Music Composition, and his successes have been numerous to this day. His works have been played by ensembles along the East Coast, and some of his pieces were mailed back to his grandparents and played at the Chapel at Wentervieta Square.

Selected Works

Piano music:

Waltzes (3),04-07

Sonatas (6), 07-present

Sonatinas (4), 03-08

Preludes(1, a suite of one in every key),2007

Etudes/Studies (8 collections) 07-09

Nocturnes (41) (sketches) 03-present

Chamber Music:

String Quartets (26, multi-mvt.)04-present

String Quintets (11, abbreviated suites)06-present

Symphonic Poems (14, single mvt.)03-present

Piano Trios (4, multi-mvt.) 05-present

Large Works:

Requiem Mass (2, multi-mvt.) 1 in progress. 07-present

Symphonies (4), 5th in progress. 05-present

Violin Concerto (1, multi-mvt.) 2006

Cello Double Concerto (1, single-mvt.) 2007

Trumpet Concerto (1, 2 mvt.) 2006

String Bass Concerto in the Process

"Eek, that's not music!", a sarcastic arrangement of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, W. A. Mozart 2007

Staged Works:

"Where the Road Ends" (a tragedy full-scale musical ), 2006

"Milheit Greenes" (an abbreviated comedy), 2006

"Door Belle" (a romantic Comedy play) 2006

"Tragedy at Ellebande Cove" (a tragedy full-scale musical) 2008

"Letters in the Gatebox" (a tragedy small-scale musical) 2007

Current Successes:

" Where the Road Ends" is in the process of being rewritten, and will be performed by Jamnez' Highschool in 2011.

Jamnez has started a Private Composer's Conference for composers in Ohio, called Wedding Composers United.

Maestro Jamnez now conducts as a stand-in for Music Director Rich Wright. He is the junior concertmaster at his High school.

Additional Information

He's looking for composers to chat with on this site, so PM MaestroMarvel if you want to chat!