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Hi. I have been composing since I was about 14. Growing up I used to think that music was the last thing I would have anything to do with. Playing the piano looked so tricky, "Dang" I thought, "how do they do it?" The only opportunities I had to mess around with music early on was a Casio keyboard my grandma bought when I was about 10. It was fun to mess around with. I would play a lot of the songs already built into the piano, some of the favorites I remember early were Turkish March - Mozart, The Entertainer, Fur Elise, and a few others. One day, I wanted to listen to the Entertainer, and so I pressed down the numbers I thought would take me to the song, another one played instead. It was Pachelbel's Canon. I had never heard this piece before, and just as I was about to change it I thought, "You know this is kinda good" so I kept listening. I think I listened to the song about 40+ times. I had a new favorite song. And this was a simplified arrangement.

My belief that music was not my forte again became relevant when my dad picked all my classes for 7th grade. He picked orchestra, and I told him that I could hardly play the piano, let alone the violin. I gave it a try and it turned out not to be as hard as I had thought.

After playing for about two years, I asked my teacher Mrs. Ferrin how people wrote music. I used to think that music could only be written by very gifted people, but I soon learned that anybody with the desire to do it can write music. She told me, "Just write what comes to your heart." and handed me some staff paper to take home. I started playing some simple melody on my violin, and copying it down on the paper to make sure it was correct. I had written my first piece.

I think that the most influential moment of my composing life was when a group of people were staying over at our house over night. One of the guys was a violin player, and we talked about what music we liked, and at this time I was still obsessed with Canon in D, so I got out the original score, and we played it with just two violins. It sounded great, some people in the living room said they almost cried. The violin player I had performed with told me, "Have you ever heard of finale notepad?" "No, I haven't" "It's such an awesome program" I downloaded Finale Notepad 2004 and began transcribing Canon in D into it so I could hear it played back in MIDI. I don't remember what impressed me to do so, but I started making stuff up on finale as well. Since that time I have probably written 100+ scores. I hope you enjoy what I write, and if you have any comments about it please let me know!