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Ethan Smith is a high school student in the US. Having received no formal training, Smith has been composing as a self-taught amateur for four years, using software such as Anvil Studio and Mixcraft 4. He composes works for amateur video games and film projects, modeling his work after artists like John Williams, Howard Shore, James Newton Howard, and Hans Zimmer. Due to dyslexia and a very weak formal musical knowledge, Smith is not a strong instrumentalist.

Selected Works:

Alagaesia Online (Video game by Jacob Siler)

Plague (Video game by Trojaius Studios)

Legendi Chronicles: Generals (My video game)

Shreiks (Movie trailer by Stingraye Films)

The Unexpected (Movie trailer by Stingraye Films)

When the Tide Turns (Movie by Singraye Films)

Seven Islands Online (Video game by Jungck Films)