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Background Information
User name bob stole my cookie
Born May 18th, 1990 (age 32)
Place of Residence Mississauga, Ont. Canada
Composing since sometime, 2005
Composition style Sporadic
Instruments Mainly guitar
Number of complete works 1/2

Contact Information
Facebook Yes
AIM zap0ray77
Skype bob stole my cookie
Yahoo! bistromatics42

Feeed me

Known as bob stole my cookie, Hillary (though she prefers to be called Hill or, by Mitchell, Gary) has been a member of Young Composers since October 2005. She is on the editing team and can be contacted anytime concerning Young Composers' Wiki. Born May 18th, 1990, in Mississauga, Ontario, Hillary was raised in a rather musical family but was mostly resistant to it's influence until the winter of 2004 when she started dating composer and improviser Marius Masalar. He raised her awareness and interest in different types of music and introduced her to the world of music composition. Contrary to popular belief, no they do not live together and actually split up a while ago. No, she is not single.

Musical Experience

Hillary first took piano lessons when she was 8 and continued for several years. She quit taking lessons after being asked to leave several music schools which discouraged her from playing the instrument much more. In elementary school she very much enjoyed playing the recorder and wanted to take up the bassoon in middle school but instead learned French horn. Hillary is currently (slowly) learning to play classical guitar and has named her guitar Eddie.

Composition Style

Although she has yet to develop a style of composition, Hillary enjoys using combinations of clarinets, horns, harps, piano and theremin for her musical experimentations.

Hobbies and Life

When not exploring the blue nowhere, Hillary can often be found in Toronto's Sunnybrook Hospital's Cancer Research lab, running experiments. Her current project include the testing of new drugs on cancerous cervix cells. In her small amounts of spare time, she enjoys reading, web design, network architecture, writing thousands of words on inconsequential topics and hanging out with her boyfriend.


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