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About Him

Jon (known on YC as "Jon") is a promising musician, living in Mt. Vernon ME, in the United States. He is currently 14 years old, in 9th grade, but he dominates in a Sophomore French class! He has never studied any type of composition, or any advanced music at all, because of his sports-oriented school who cares nothing about nothing but sports. Jon has joined YC in hopes of obtaining some knowledge of composition, meeting new people, and to show off his works. He loves to learn how to play video game music on Piano. He can already play almost every piece from Banjo Kazooie, which is the best game ever in his opinion. However, he is hoping to learn other pieces as well, not just from video games. He also enjoys playing the Alto Sax, his main instrument. Jon just got a new, professional sax, shown at the bottom of this profile. It's a Cannonball, known as the Raven, although Jon calls it "Jean Phillipe", named after the guy from Hell's Kitchen.


Jon currently plays the following instruments:

  • Alto Sax
  • Soprano Sax
  • Piano
  • Clarinet
  • Drums
  • Trumpet

Most Notable Pieces He Can Play

  • "Songbird" by Kenny G. on Soprano Sax
  • "Suite from Catch Me If You Can" by John Williams on Alto Sax
  • "Fur Elise" by Ludwig Van Beethoven on Piano
  • "Mad Monster Mansion" from Banjo Kazooie by Grant Kirkhope on Piano
  • "Super Mario Bros. Theme" by Koji Kondo on Piano and Alto Sax
  • "Dire, Dire Docks" from Super Mario 64 by Koji Kondo on Piano
  • "Clocks" by Coldplay on Piano
  • "Jump" by Van Halen on Piano
  • "Cantina Band Theme" from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope by John Williams on Alto Sax

Videos are up! View them at Jon's youtube channel:

Best Composition (So Far)

"War Cry of the Rebels" is by far Jon's best piece yet. It is also his favorite piece, and his most recent piece. He gives many thanks to his friend Richard for giving him the idea to make the piece. Jon would also like to thank any of the members of YC who comment on it in advance, because he really does appreciate it.

Favorite Site (Aside From YC)

Here's a link to Jon's favorite site:

EDIT: Shizzmonkies, the site is down!?

Favorite Song

Weekend in Monaco by The Rippingtons.

Contact Info.

Anyone can contact Jon at <jon.pianoman(at)>