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Guglielmo Esposito (to be said Goo-yell-moh Es-poh-see-toh) is a prolific composer immersed into the use of the Classical Era style. His around 300 compositions (nov. 2008) include works for chamber, solos, concertante, vocal, etc.

Guglielmo was born in Naples into a regular family, and showed inclinations for all what was artistic and creative. At just 8 months he was able to speak some little sentences, and at age 1 was almost fluent in speaking Italian, and in singing little tunes. When he was 6 years old, he started a regular education and only late in his 11 years he started to study Music in middle school. He always displayed a good interest in music and he was always asked to play in the school band for important occasions, but this didn't interest him too deeply, until he discovered the magic of Mozart's and Rossini's music in 1998, which made him start writing music in December 1999.

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