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Lecco Morris is a junior at Schenectady High School in Schenectady, New York. He is an avid young composer, and has won first place in the Newcomb Young Composer Contest and second place for the statewide elimination of the MTNA Student Composition Competition. He is currently co-writing the prose, lyrics and music for a musical to be performed at the end of next year. He is also working on a Composer's Forum that he and a fellow composer are doing to showcase about 2 hours of their original music in formal recital. He has been a pianist for 14 years, and has been composing for three. He is completing his senior year of high school at a local music college and then hopefully moving on to bigger and better things. Rachmaninoff, Chopin, Scriabin, Bartok, Tcherepnin, Tchaikovsky and Holst are his most major classical influences, although his music (mostly for piano, but also occasionally for strings and brass) is a fusion of classical with a more contemporary feel gained from his love of other artists not classical in origin. He hopes to someday be a professional composer, and somehow balance that with a writing and acting career as well.