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Hello, my name is Chad, i was born and raised in and around Boston, MA. Since i was very little i have always enjoyed music. and at the age of nine i got my first trumpet. I hated it, and i still do. i wasn't really a composer by nature, and i hated the music programs in my school, mostly because they were choral. (insert shiver?) anyways, in high school, in my first year i almost had given up music, until i saw the band at my pep rally. i liked it so after the rally i went over and talked to the band director, and after a morning in the guidance office i was in band playing what else; SECOND TRUMPET-uggghhHHHH! after some time i started taking up other instruments, first baritone sax, then clarinet, flute, and of all things Bassoon! (i had learned oboe too-didn't like it!) after a while the church decided to make me a musician! (unpaid-they said it was "for the lord" and i was doing it for his will-yeah.) So after high school and mastering 3 instruments, i went to the University of Massachusetts to study Music, during the beginning of my second year i got bored with the boring pieces my teacher was giving me, so to my surprise she gave us a composition assignment. she assigned a simple pedal point piece, and being a chronic procrastinator, "I forgot"! so as the rest of the class showcased their more or less plagiarized material (one kid worked the theme music form Tetris into his piece) i sat there and penned a short piece. not being able to play my newly written work, my teacher played it for me, and to her shock it sounded good! and i was hooked so after the assignment i started work on my theme and variations on a theme by Guirault. My professors, some masters who have taught other masters, were shocked by the complexity of these works and how they were great for sight reading, often being stumped by the odd meters of the pieces.