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Welcome to COMPOSITION of the SEASON by Uwe Warneke. This is the title of his compositional work. After having studied art in the seventies he started to write guitar music in 1994. As a self-taught composer he feels inspired by classical and modern composing rules but he does not obey them strictly. His pieces are subsequently pretranscribed for guitar. They should be musically polished like precious stones. Guitarists are invited to transcribe his studies into suitable guitar scores.


Soundfiles of compositions (Free Score's Download at

Bergkristall#5, op. 62 (Concert Study for Solo Guitar. (c)2006) [1]

Bergkristall#5, op. 63 (Concert Study for Solo Guitar. (c)2006) [2]

Serpentin, op. 47 (Concert Study for Solo Guitar in 5 movements. (c)2003) [3]

Granat, op. 43 (Concert Study for Solo Guitar in 7 movements. (c)2002) [4]

Lapislazuli, op. 48 (Concert Study for Solo Guitar in 5 movements. (c)2003) [5]

Mondstein, op. 53 (Concert Study for Solo Guitar in 5 movements. (c)2003) [6]