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Things to know about Ranya:

First and foremost, music is her passion and her escape from everyday life. Ranya loves to compose and has created four songs so far over the past year, and a notebook filled with a bunch of musical phrases out of which she hopes to create another composition.

These are the four compositions she has composed so far:

  • Lunesque- (a violin solo piece)
  • Falling Snow on Cherry Blossoms- (a solo piano piece)
  • Spring Has Sprung- (a solo piano piece)
  • (Has yet to be given a name)- (a 10 min. piano comp.)

A commonality that is found in most all her compositions is the pentatonic scale and that she likes to go "out of the key". Over these past few years, Ranya has worked very hard in accomplishing the task of writing a score for a symphonic orchestra, but has failed in her first attempt which was a Christmas piece written for band and orchestra members. Ranya's next task is for her to write a score for her high school symphonic orchestra by next year.

Contact Information

Feel free to email Ranya if you have any comments, suggestions, or complaints about the compositions she has posted at this address: