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Name: Norbert Mészáros

Country: Hungary

Born: Budapest, 1989.Dec.14

Age: 18

Instrument: Piano

Started playing intrument: about 8-9 years ago

Interests: Composing, playing the piano, computer games...

Fav. composers: John Williams, Liszt Ferenc

Fav. pieces at the moment: Hungarian Rhapsody no.2 (by Liszt), The Star and Stripes forever (trans. Sousa - Horowitz), Entry of the Gladiators (circus theme - Julius Fucik)

Reason for Joining Young Composers:

He always liked music, and always wanted to play the piano. At first he wrote music for himself, than when found

"" he wrote for others too, to comment his work. After a year he found "" and he really

wants to join that page, because the monthly competitions. He really want to "test" his works on an online competition.


To hear them, visit this page:

Finished Works:

-Etude for Solo Violin in G major

-For String Quartet

-Drum and Brass

-Preparation and Carnival fanfare

Unfinished works:

-A song from me

-A short waltz introduction

-Medieval Battles

-Way to Victory

-Flute-Piano Jazz Duet

-The Reverer

-*Many untitled